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School and Building Safety

Omni-Response provides a state-of-the-art active shooter solution for school and building safety by integrating all threat alerts to one security platform.

What Makes Our Technology Unique?

Personnel Safety and Security

  • Gunshot detection, help alerts, and other threat alerts all immediately reported to police, fire and EMS

  • On-site police or security command has the ability to effectively respond and coordinate to detected threats and events in real time

  • Student and staff instantly alerted of a shot fired location and directed to appropriate safety routes

  • Provides real time shooter location to all responding officers, so there’s no need to waste any time searching for the shooter. Faster response and shooter location means less time in danger for students and staff

  • Educators or staff has the ability to alert within the application in the event of fire or the need for emergency medical response

  • Administrative staff has the ability to communicate tablet to tablet, send out alerts or important messages

Building Safety and Security

  • Providing sensory data of virtually any functions or items in a building

  • Ability to lock or unlock all doors when necessary

  • Tablets can be used for other purposes including education applications, communications and other day to day needs, but the devices are always listening for gunshot in the background in order to send out immediate alerts. *Our solution does not listen for or record voice, and does not violate any state/local privacy requirements


Student and Staff Safety

Students and staff are instantly alerted of a shot fired location and directed to appropriate safety routes.

Are You Ready to Integrate Your Operations?

Let us show you how Omni-Response integrates new and existing technology onto a single dashboard to provide critical data that’s delivered real-time.

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