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Omni-Response is proud to work with our clients and partners to provide them with the most innovative platform on the market. See what BIG things we are currently up to!

The United States Department of Defense has been collaborating with companies like Verizon Business, Omni-Response, and Cornet Technology, Inc. on pilots to integrate airborne-to-ground 5G connectivity to aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. 5G technology has many benefits for the defense industry and will revolutionize how we protect our warfighters. Learn more about the push for airborne readiness here:

As 5G technology continues to evolve, the United States Department of Defense is taking full advantage. Part 2 of our series breaks down completed proof-of-concept pilots for 4G/5G airborne-to-ground readiness, showcasing the unique architecture of drone-mounted private LTE networks and more. The future of wireless connectivity is here! A summary of the recent pilot programs can be found here:

Kyocera | Omni Response | School Safety Demonstration

Watch below to see how Omni-Response, Kyocera and Zero Eyes collaborate to produce the most comprehensive school safety solution.

Lawrence Jones Show | School Safety Demonstration

Watch below to see how Omni-Response proudly demonstrated our school safety and gunshot detection for the Lawrence Jones Show on Fox News.

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