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Our Leadership Team

John Warren

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Chief Executive Officer

John Warren serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Omni-Response (Omni). He is responsible for maintaining the company’s vision, driving innovation, and establishing the company’s positive culture. John is responsible for running the day-to-day operations of Omni-Response, a Texas-based engineering company which specializes in providing integrated and customized telemetry solutions for personnel, building and vehicle monitoring. He has held this position since 2014 and has been instrumental in the development of the Omni-Response modular telemetry platform. John is an inventor on our patent applications titled: DATA TRANSFER UTILIZING TWO‐WAY RADIO TRANSMISSION INDEPENDENT OF OR CONCURRENT WITH OTHER DATA TRANSFER MEANS. (Granted) DETECTION OF DISCHARGE OF PROJECTILE FROM A FIREARM. (Granted) METHODS AND SYSTEM FOR THE EVALUATION AND TRANSMISSION OF COMBINED EXTERNAL DATA FROM ONE OR MORE SOURCES TO A CENTRAL DATA PORTAL FOR PROCESSING, STORAGE AND VISUALIZATION. (Granted) Previous experience includes design of high-power broadcast RF transmitters and systems, engineering consulting work for companies such as Warner Brothers, design of heliports and approach systems, ownership and management of television and radio broadcast companies, an air charter and air ambulance company (John is a licensed pilot) and a transportation and logistics company. John has extensive experience in RF communications systems. He also served as Chief Pilot for the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s department in New Mexico for a ten-year period from 1995 to 2005. Some of his duties involved flying interdiction and surveillance flights in support of federal agencies on the U.S. / Mexican border. John is a certified engineer with a Masters Endorsement in Electrical Engineering.

PJ Harrington

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Chief Strategy Officer and Sales Director

PJ Harrington serves as Chief Strategy Officer and Sales Director at Omni-Response (Omni). He is primarily responsible for the development and growth of strategic partnerships and driving business development with sales teams in Federal/DoD and Enterprise spaces. PJ has nearly thirty years of experience in sales-related roles at a variety of accounting and financial firms. He is primarily responsible in his current role for cultivating and maintaining relationships with the strategic partners of Omni-Response, which include: Verizon, T-Mobile, Samsung, Kyocera, TD Synnex Corporation, Cradlepoint, Cornet Technology, and Motorola. PJ’s experience includes Business Development roles at a number of financial services firms where he achieved success in a goals-oriented culture. He has successfully managed sales teams and positively impacted profitability in those roles. He holds Bachelor of Science Degrees in both Finance and Accounting from the University of Detroit.

Tim Stephens

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Sales Director, Federal and Department of Defense

Tim Stephens serves as Sales Director for Omni-Response (Omni) in the Federal and DoD spaces. Tim drives hardware and software Sales Teams at Omni to push optimal solutions for customer requirements. Tim has over 15 years of experience in designing solutions and spearheading the modernization of communications within the Federal/Department of Defense space. His high-level acumen and attention to detail has proven to be the keys to his success at Comcast, Verizon and Cradlepoint. Throughout his career, he has leveraged his experience as a federal employee to drive efficiencies and rapid communication solutions to the Department of Defense. In the last seven years, Tim has been developing the strategy and execution of sales to achieve year-over-year success within the federal market. Expanding his reach and knowledge of these global markets allows him to network and develop strategic relationships to solve enterprise level solutions. Tim is a “can do” executive with a strong desire to solve problems and drive customer satisfaction. Mr. Stephens received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Texas State University.

Wes Drake

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Chief Operating Officer

Wes Drake serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Omni-Response. He leverages seasoned judgement and strategic vision to maximize Omni’s operating performance. Wes coordinates day-to-day activities to plan, prepare, and execution to improve Omni’s effectiveness and efficiency. Wes retired as a First Sergeant and Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Communications Directorate at Special Operations Command North in 2019. He served in Special Operations organizations for approximately 12 years and deployed in support of countless operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wes was responsible for standing up multiple Special Operations Command-Forward elements to create seamless interoperability between the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice. Wes has a proven track record serving in roles as a Solutions Architect, Business Development, and Partner Management for over 25 years. He is technically focused, operationally minded, and a strategic thinker, which creates seamless business practices and elaborate technical solutions. He attended American Military University for Associate’s Degree in General Studies, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Leadership.

Nick Hall

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Director of Development

Director of Development Nick serves as Director of Development at Omni-Response (Omni). Nick coordinates and prioritizes development for Omni and manages an expansive staff of creative and innovative software developers. Nick began his software development career in the Payment Card Industry working for North American Bancard. During his time there, he transitioned from developing backend services to working on the mobile software team, initialy working on their Android and iOS mobile payment platform and ultimately managing the team in charge of releasing their proprietary Android based POS system. Nick worked with General Motors to assist them in their architectural rewrite of the OnStar RemoteLink app. When that project was completed he cofounded Snap Terminal with the intention of creating a modular Android based POS system, which was used in a pilot program with the Michigan Lottery Commission to provide credit card acceptance to store front lottery purchases. After the completion of the pilot, the proprietary hardware design was sold to 365 Retail Markets where he worked under contract to assist them in the development of their NanoMarket platform.

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