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Our Vision

To harness the power of technology to augment human capabilities and improve response and survival outcomes.

Our Mission

To leverage the potential of technology to enhance human performance and resilience, and to provide timely and accurate information, awareness, and support for critical situations and life-saving outcomes.

Our Story

Established in 2014, Omni-Response is a Texas based software solution provider specializing in systems integration technology for enterprise, government, and military applications.

OmniResponse was formed to fill a void in the vehicle telemetry marketplace. At the time, there was no one solution available that would provide all needed data sources for accurately monitoring and evaluating the performance of advanced alternative-fueled vehicles.


Tired of piecemeal solutions, the Omni-Response founders developed a modular platform to solve the immediate need of advanced vehicle system telemetry, and, in the process, ultimately solved the industry’s main deficiency – true customization and integration.

Our state-of-the-art telemetry solutions are customized to suit the specialized needs of our customers. Stated simply, we connect businesses and government entities with the information they need most to make everyday decisions.

Omni-Response targets its efforts to develop solutions for the following industries:

  • Universities and Schools

  • All Military Branches 

  • Fire, Police & Emergency Services 

  • Transportation

  • Commercial & Industrial Fleets

  • Rental Fleets

  • Oil and Gas Industry

  • Hospitality

We are devoted to making a difference in your world.

Proudly Serving 

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