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Connect your people, places and things with 5G and LTE through Wireless WAN and private network solutions.


Federal vehicles include essential technologies such as digital evidence platforms, car and body cameras, onboard sensors, video streaming, and connected gear. Federal agencies depend upon these applications. Inconsistent connectivity, extreme conditions, and management of vehicles throughout the area are all factors to consider. Without a secure, reliable, and scalable networking solution, IT teams will struggle to support the technology, and it can hinder mission-critical communications. 


The Cradlepoint NetCloud Service for Mobile, with purpose-built ruggedized routers, is a comprehensive in-vehicle cellular connectivity solution. It enables all the equipment within a vehicle that needs data access to be connected through a single router and to connect over a cellular LTE or 5G network to the Internet, cloud, or data center. Routers are single or dualnetwork capable and support all nationwide public safety networks and while supporting CJIS and FIPS security standards. Cradlepoint NetCloud provides connectivity, network, security, location and IoT services to connect everything in the vehicle, while providing access to IT for remote management, troubleshooting, and analytics

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