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Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) is a vital capability for modern warfare, as it enables the integration and synchronization of operations across multiple domains (air, space, cyber, land, sea) in a highly contested environment. However, achieving JADC2 is not easy, as it requires a robust and reliable network infrastructure, a common operational picture, and a distributed decision-making process. 

OMNI-JOC is a cutting-edge solution that addresses these challenges and provides a comprehensive JADC2 capability in a portable and scalable package. 


What Makes Our Technology Unique?

The Omni JOC Solution

OMNI-JOC consists of a ruggedized case with three monitors, edge compute and storage, and commercial ISP using commercial cellular. The case hosts the Omni-Response so/ware with a one-year license agreement and a TAK server that allows federation and remote connectivity to all personnel, vehicles, sensors, drones, and robotics. TAK server is a tactical information management pla1orm that provides data access and encryption across disparate networks. It secures, brokers, and stores data in standalone and federated configurations. 

OMNI-JOC also offers counter-unmanned aerial system (CUAS) capabilities simultaneously with CUAS hardware. This allows the detection and neutralization of hostile drones that pose a threat to friendly forces or assets. 

OMNI-JOC enhances command and control by providing critical data and applications at the edge and reducing the human factor for most situational awareness. This is achieved by the Omni-Response platform and artificial intelligence (AI) driven on Phones and Tablets worn by the personnel, detecting body orientation, impact detection, and man-down detection. Additionally, biometrics data can be remotely displayed by pairing wearables with the end user devices. 

Compact and Portable

OMNI-JOC is a compact and lightweight solution (L 56.5”x W 17”x H 8.25”, 85lbs w/wheels) that can be deployed anywhere in the world within 6 – 24 hours of arrival at a location. It is designed to operate in harsh environments and support various missions and scenarios. For example, OMNI-JOC can be used for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations, where it can provide real-time situational awareness of affected areas and coordinate relief efforts among multiple agencies and organizations. OMNI-JOC can also be used for special operations forces missions, where it can enable stealthy communication and data sharing among dispersed teams and assets in denied or contested areas. 

OMNI-JOC is more than just a solution; it is a game-changer for JADC2. It empowers commanders and operators with unprecedented situational awareness, agility, and effectiveness in multi-domain operations. 

*    Starlink Service not included 
*    Commercial Cellular Service available upon request 
*    Private 5G Network Sold Separately 
*    Software License can be extended to 1, 3, or 5-year agreements 
*    Embedded Hardware Cradlepoint R1900, Starlink, Onlogic Edge Server, Power Distribution, Accessory case, Antenna Array


A Portable JOC

Omni JOC consists of a ruggedized case with three monitors, edge compute and storage, and commercial ISP using commercial cellular.

Are You Ready to Integrate Your Operations?

Let us show you how Omni-Response integrates new and existing technology onto a single dashboard to provide critical data that’s delivered real-time.

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