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Omni-C2 is a powerful device that can access different kinds of networks, depending on the mission requirements. It can connect to public cellular networks, which are widely available and offer high bandwidth and low latency. It can also connect to Low Earth Orbit Satellites, which are ideal for remote areas and offer global coverage and resilience. Additionally, it can connect to private 5G networks, which are secure and offer high performance and low interference (sold separately). 

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What Makes Our Technology Unique?

A Revolutionary Solution
for Transport and Internet Connectivity 

The OMNI-C2 is designed to be simple to install and use by one person, without requiring any specialized training or tools. 

OMNI-C2 is more than just a device. It is a complete solution that includes: 

-   The OMNI-C2 has a covert case that holds a tablet, edge compute and storage, and commercial ISP using public cellular. The tablet serves as the user interface and display for the device. The edge compute and storage provide local processing and caching capabilities for the data and applications. The commercial ISP provides internet access and backup communication. The device also comes with the Omni-Response so0ware with a one-year license agreement and TAK server that enables communication and collaboration with various assets, such as people, vehicles, sensors, drones, and robots. The Omni-Response so0ware is a cloud-based pla2orm that allows users to create, manage, and share missions with different teams and assets. The TAK server is a tactical situa%onal awareness tool that allows users to see the loca%on and status of all assets on a map. 

With OMNI-C2, you can enjoy the following benefits:

-  The device can also work with CUAS hardware to provide CUAS capabili%es while simultaneously communica%ng with other assets. CUAS stands for Counter-Unmanned Aerial System, which is a system that can detect, identify, track, and neutralize hostile drones. 

The OMNI-C2 improves command and control by providing essential data and applications at the edge, where they are needed most. This reduces the dependency on centralized servers and networks, which can be slow, unreliable, or compromised. It also reduces human error for situational awareness by using artificial intelligence (AI) on Phones and Tablets worn by the people. The AI can sense body orientation, impact detection, and man-down detection, which can alert the user or the team if someone is injured or in danger. Additionally, biometrics data such as heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level can be remotely shown by pairing wearables with the end user devices. This can help monitor the health and well-being of the personnel. 

The OMNI-C2 is a game-changer for any mission that needs dependable communication and coordination among different assets. It is a compact and lightweight device that can fit in any vehicle or backpack.  
(L 24.5”, W 15.5”, H 16.75”, 75lbs).  

* Starlink Service not included 

* Commercial Cellular Service available upon request 
* Private 5G Network Sold Separately

* Software License can be extended to 1, 3, or 5-year agreements 
* Hardware and Software upgrade required to convert OMNI-CONNECT to an OMNI-C2

Embedded Hardware Cradlepoint R1900, Starlink, Onlogic Edge Server, Power Distribution, Accessory case, Antenna Array 


Reliable Connectivity

Leverage the power of commercial cellular, low earth orbit satellites, and private 5G networks

Are You Ready to Integrate Your Operations?

Let us show you how Omni-Response integrates new and existing technology onto a single dashboard to provide critical data that’s delivered real-time.

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