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Safety & management telemetry solutions for first responders & workforce


Mobile App Functionality

  • Panic button
  • Body camera
  • Gunshot detection
  • Live or recorded video
  • Physical orientation
  • Man down detection
  • Bluetooth connected sensors and communications
  • Location indoor and outdoor
  • Mobile to mobile to portal messaging
  • Radiological detection
  • Alerts
  • Impact detection (physical attack detection)
  • 2-way radio mesh capabilities
  • Wearables and biometric interface

Panic Button

  • Manual activation phone (voice activation coming soon)
  • Immediate notification to police/ security

Gunshot Sound Detection

  • Internal/external gunshot sound detection
  • Immediate notification of location, number of shots, rate of fire, distinguish between light and heavy caliber rounds to Police/Security
  • Immediate notification to State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies to enhance coordinated response

Integration of All Threat Alerts to One Security Platform

  • Help alerts, shot sound detection and other threat alerts all immediately reported to one security / command platform
  • Security asset monitoring (vehicle and personnel) on same platform with optional on demand vehicle disablement
  • On site security command has the ability to effectively coordinate all on site security assets in real time to respond to detected threats and events

Customization & Integration

  • OmniResponse will provide custom integration of telematics data into our customer’s existing infrastructure; we will work with your preferred software and databases. The OmniResponse platform will help improve safety, increase efficiency, and reduce costs
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