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Contact tracing and social distancing alerting


Social Distance Monitoring & Contact Tracing

Alerting & Reporting

  • Alerts users with notification (sound or vibration) when users are less than 6 feet apart
  • Runs on android devices & smartwatches
  • All data can be deployed to servers or the cloud

Contact Tracing (Once an individual is confirmed to be COVID-19 positive)

  • Analysis of proximity & location data of other personnel during the previous disease transmission relevant time period
  • Management & impacted employees will receive alerts as to exposure with a confirmed COVID-19 case
  • Appropriate personnel can trace contacts to determine if COVID-19 testing & quarantine is necessary

Optional Health Features

  • Heart Rate Spike
  • Blood Oxygenation Deterioration
  • Indoor Tracking
  • Panic Button Alerts
OmniResponse Mobile Application


OmniResponse is pleased to present a workforce safety solution to include precise indoor/outdoor COVID-19 contact tracing & social distancing alerting. This will be an integral piece of a "back to work" strategy and will provide management and individual employees with immediate alerting as to exposure with a confirmed COVID-19 case. Our solution provides for alerts to handheld devices and/or watches for breaches in social distancing protocols.

Phone & Wearables Application

  • Social Distance Alerts
  • Alerts (Email, SMS, Phone Call, Phone Notification)
  • COVID-19 Exposure Alerts
  • Panic Alert
  • Physical Orientation
  • Worker Impact/Down
  • Gunshot Detection
  • Body Orientation
  • Wearables & Biometric Interface
  • Live Video
  • Bluetooth Connected Sensors & Communications
  • Precise Indoor/Outdoor Tracking

Web Portal

  • Live Monitoring
  • Covid-19 Contact Tracing
  • Historical Information
  • Activity & Social Distancing Alerts
  • Geofencing
  • Indentification of Employee Clusters

Customization & Integration

OmniResponse also has the ability to lend support with additional functionality. Specifically, we have the ability to outfit a handset with a thermal imaging camera for temperature readings at employee entrances. This procedure would eliminate the need to temperature check every employee individually, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Our combined workforce safety and productivity solution is customizable, comprehensive and includes COVID-19 contact tracing and social distancing alerting as a component of our overall safety solution.

OmniResponse Mobile Application


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